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Cuteness is good for you!

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July 20, 2015

Cute image of cats, Nala and TimonJust recently there have been reports I keep seeing that looking at cute photos of animals actually helps you focus on your work and can make you more productive in completing tasks quicker and efficiently.  Even though this isn't a new story, there was an official "scientific" study done on this in 2009 at the Hiroshima University in Japan by "The Power of Kawaii" on this fact.  (kawaii means cute in Japanese) The study concluded that looking at cute images, such as puppies and kittens, is a positive experience and after being exposed to a positive experience for a few minutes a person's focus and attention improved when they went on to do tasks afterwards.

If you are caught at work looking at cute pictures of pets, just tell your boss that you are preparing to do some really kick-ass work and get the job done and feel good at the same time. If that doesn't convince your boss then refer them to this page on PLOS ONE which shows the study and is presented in the most business-like, boring and scientific way.  They should have used cute pictures of kittens to make the article more engaging.

Go ahead everybody and look at those cute puppy, dog, kitten, cat, hamster or other cuteness images at work because the coolness factor is its a positive practice that will help you work more focused and perform better.

I have two white Siamese cats (Nala and Timon) and have taken hundreds of photos of them, so writing this blog gives me a chance to share a cuteness photo. Share your cuteness pictures so we can all benefit from a productive and positive day!

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