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Dominican-style oatmeal -- new breakfast craze?

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July 22, 2015

Years ago, I remember learning about how healthy oatmeal is for you. But back then, I ate it with lots of brown sugar, making it not-so-healthy for me. Flash forward years later, I started having it day in and day out while I was expecting, which only made me want to swear off oatmeal for good. It became such a drudgery to eat. Then, a few years ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for Dominican-Style Oatmeal on The preparation using milk, instead of water, intrigued me. And the fact that it called for cinnamon and nutmeg won me over. I remember thinking, “I’ve gotta try this!” Besides, I had all the ingredients on hand so why not give it a go? It was dee-lish! I have since adapted it to suit my taste buds and nutritional needs. But please feel free to change it up and create your own oatmeal masterpiece. 

This one recipe has literally transformed my mornings, along with my lemon water (sometimes spiked with a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar). The beauty of this breakfast is that it doesn’t require a “real” recipe and skips the step of waiting for the water to boil. In the past, it would be a nuisance when I would pour the oats into the boiling water and some would stick to my measuring cup because it was still moist from measuring out the water minutes before. I also thought it was a pain to have to wait for the water to boil. How petty and impatient of me! 

However, since this recipe called for measuring out the dry oats BEFORE the liquid, I realized this solved the dry-oats-stuck-to-wet-cup syndrome that had exasperated me in the past. And I appreciate that you begin cooking the oats and milk together. This method cooks the oatmeal longer and to a better consistency, in practically the same or less time compared to the traditional method. It felt like a brilliant discovery that would enable me to actually enjoy having oatmeal in my life.

On to the "recipe":

  1. Measure out the amount of oatmeal you would like then dump it into the saucepan. (I like to use 1/3 cup since I’m usually not too hungry in the morning. I think the typical serving is about 1/2 cup but feel free to use whatever amount you prefer). 
  2. Follow that with twice the amount of vanilla-flavored milk or plain milk with a few drops of vanilla extract. (I like to use unsweetened vanilla almond milk).
  3. Set the heat to medium and cook for about 10 minutes or to your preference, stirring occasionally. 
  4. While cooking, spoon in a small amount of brown sugar or any other preferred sweetener, if you'd like. *If your milk is presweetened you might choose to skip this step. (I use approximately 1 teaspoon of brown sugar).
  5. Stir in some cinnamon &/or pumpkin spice to taste. (I don’t really measure since I just directly sprinkle in my spices but you could try 1/4-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and a dash of pumpkin pie spice to start).
  6. Once the oatmeal is cooked to the desired consistency, scoop the oatmeal into the bowl. 
  7. At this point, you can stir in some chia seeds, ground flaxseed meal, and even raw hemp seeds. These ingredients give it a nice texture. But, be careful with the hemp seeds since they can easily change the flavor profile. (I don't really measure this out either but you could experiment with 1/2-1 tablespoon chia seeds, 2 teaspoons of the flaxseed meal and hemp seeds).
  8. Finally, add some fresh fruit on top. (I usually enjoy it with blueberries since they are supposed to be great for your brain. But, by all means, add any kind of fruit you'd like).

And, voilà, breakfast is served! It’s delicious, nutritious, and easy-peasy! This represents a huge milestone for me, because healthy eating on a regular basis had always been a challenge. I hope that sharing this method of cooking oatmeal will help wannabe-health-conscious people like me, incorporate more nutrition into their lives. Enjoy!

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