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Pumpkin Spice, Nice?

Produced by nishmosa

October 14, 2015


Tis the season for pumpkin overload!

pumpkin products

If it wasn’t already too much to start seeing Christmas items displayed in stores and in advertising media before Halloween, the avalanche of pumpkin spice products, both edible and non-edible, has begun and is downright overwhelming.   

pumpkin yougurtIt’s not rocket science to understand how businesses would want to capitalize on the comforting fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger combined with the warm and happy color of a dark golden orange in seasonal products.  Trader Joes sells fifty-eight different products that are pumpkin spice themed or flavored.  It seems every packaged food company has a vast selection of pumpkin spice versions of popular products.  Even cosmetic and household product manufacturers must jump on the big pumpkin band wagon.  It’s enough to make the “Great Pumpkin” sigh sadly in frustration at being upstaged by the overflowing cornucopia of pumpkin goods that are stealing his thunder.pumpkin pie

listerineCutting through the crowd of pumpkin this and pumpkin that, my personal favorite of all and has been since I was a kid is a good ole slice of pumpkin pie.  No matter how intriguing some of the modern pumpkin products appear, none can take the place of the king of all pumpkin spice; the pumpkin pie! 

When I did a quick search of pumpkin products I found quite an array of items and some of them surprised me and I’ve posted a few pictures on this page. 


What are your favorites, and what crazy pumpkin spice product(s) have you found in stores?



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