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Why is unleaded gas more expensive than diesel?

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July 12, 2015

Did you notice the dramatic price difference of gas in Los Angeles?  According to, the prices will rise between $0.15 to $0.30 by the end of July.   

Luxury car owners who require Premium gas are feeling the pain at the pump.  Hybrid drivers and motorcyclists are affected as well, because Unleaded gas is now hovering between $4-$5 per gallon.  However, there's a slew of Clean Diesel car owners unaffected by the recent price hike.  They're spending over a dollar less than their unleaded counterparts.  Why is that?

According to, "It's a combination of seasonal demand, federal regulations and timing.  Gasoline refineries are required by federal regulations to switch to summer blends by May 1, and that accounts for part of the recent increase."'s senior petroleium analyst Patrick DeHaan explains: "Diesel fuel, meanwhile, doesn't change, so refineries keep producing the same low-sulfur variety without interrupting production or the delivery logistics." 

Consider test-driving a Clean Diesel car the next time you visit your auto dealership.  Feel the power. Hear the roar of the engine.  Enjoy its zero emission.  You'll be surprised that most can drive to Vegas and back, fully-loaded with passengers, without refueling.  Yes, even a 7-seater luxury SUV!

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