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Sex In A Car - Is It Still A Thing?

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April 7, 2017

It’s a rite of passage for the young and a new adventure for the mature couple.

I asked myself in all seriousness, why should I write an article about having sex in cars?  Well, I’ve had sex in vehicles of various types so I can talk about the subject from a personal perspective, but to be honest I have not thought about it in quite a few years and had an opinion that car sex is for the young.  That changed when I came across an article written by Ned Doyle on “The 6 Best Cars to Have Sex In.”  It intrigued me for two reasons; 1. I didn’t see how this impacts men’s health; 2. Men must be concerned about the logistics, comfort, and practicality when planning to have sex in a car.  They might also consider romance and privacy which would be important for a woman.

The cars listed in the article were:

It’s a luxury SUV, which makes sense for the roominess and ability to take the experience off-road.

You would think a sports car is not the best choice unless the couple is petite, but this Italian beauty actually does appear to have a good amount of room because it is a four seater.

This is a crossover vehicle (SUV-Sports Car hybrid) that has a bench seat in the back – need I say more?

The minivan - it makes total practical sense of course and when I saw this one listed I realized car sex is not just for the young, but the young-at-heart.

Part truck, part SUV, this one is for the outdoorsy kids who love to go dirt biking, camping and loving in the great outdoors.

The insanely rich have car sex in real style.  Luxurious and sexy with a champagne cooler and crystal champagne flutes in the back, it elevates car sex to Bentley love.

I commend Ned Doyle on the selections and wonder if he test drove all of these vehicles before making recommendations.  Regardless of that, what I realize is men and women find spontaneity, the risk of exposure, fun, and adventure part of a sex life that’s far from mundane.

Back in my day bench seats were still prevalent in most sedans and coupes.  In my teens and early twenties living at home made seeking a place of privacy is what “drove” us to cars for romantic encounters. For some, the car may have been where you lost your virginity.  It was probably a frequent place to make-out when you started dating someone.  Today mature couples might see their minivan as a place for a rendezvous and a throwback to their youth.

Heath wise, I don’t see any risks other than possibly injuring yourself on a gearshift or straining any number of muscles from awkward positioning.  Maybe consult your doctor if you are concerned about health risks I haven’t been able to find, or for any adverse side effects.  Otherwise, zoom-zoom baby!

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