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Jimmy Kimmel the Humanitarian

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July 31, 2015

The killing of Cecil the lion by dentist, Walter Palmer, has been the horrifying top story and subject for public outrage to fury on social media.  I am disgusted and extremely upset by Cecil the lion’s planned murder, but to learn that Dr. Palmer has also killed many other beautiful animals for fun and doing it, as I learned, illegally sickens me.  Even when Palmer made the comment/excuse that he followed proper protocol to hunt Cecil, I don’t understand how any protocol could possibly make the hunt legal. Palmer has a lot of money and the kind of people who arrange this type of murderous activity are greedy.  All of Walter Palmer’s killings were immoral, in my opinion.

Amid all of the understandably angry posts and threats toward Palmer were flying about in a frenzy, I saw a post on Facebook from a friend of mine, “Hard to say which is more disturbing: the idiot Minnesota dentist who slaughtered a defenseless lion or the social media lynch mob that's sprung up to punish him.”  My friend’s post touched my sensibilities.

Later that evening I watched “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and saw his powerful message regarding this hot topic.  With just the right amount of humor and seriousness Kimmel delivered the best and most compassionate address to Palmer and the public.  He was being real and showed how Americans can react to horrific and violent news, with calm concern and compassion. 

Americans can up the bar by fighting brutality and appallingly negative acts by doing the opposite… being extraordinarily positive for the victims of tragedy.  Jimmy Kimmel did it in his monologue, asking everyone to donate to, the wildlife research and conservation unit of Oxford University, the organization that had been observing and learning from Cecil the lion for years.  Over $150,000 dollars have been donated to the organization since Kimmel’s broadcast – well done Jimmy for bringing positivity and civility to this situation.

I know it is hard not to go off and spew out ugliness as a reaction to extreme ugliness.  But I do have faith in the decency of Americans in general and with public figures like Kimmel to remind us how to act in a mature and compassionate manner in the face of ugliness we have a chance to preserve our reputation as a civilized society.

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