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Peace One Day

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September 14, 2015

Peace One Day… Let’s help peace grow!mcwhopper

I became aware of the Peace One Day organization when my cousin Tim posted a link on Facebook about the Burger King challenge to McDonalds to make peace one day and collaborate to sell a hybrid burger called the McWhopper.  At first I thought this might be a funny, yet creative gag, and clicked the link to discover Burger King was serious about this stunt.  Unfortunately, McDonalds declined Burger King’s offer and I felt a negative corporate vibe from McDonalds.

peace one day logoWhen I looked deeper into the Peace One Day organization I learned that the founder, Jeremy Gilley, started this movement and in 1999 and was able to influence the United Nations to adopt the first annual global day of ceasefire and non-violence on September 21 – Peace Day.  Since then, the awareness and participation has grown year-to-year and in 2014 over one billion people were exposed to the Peace Day messages, 610 million people were aware of Peace Day and an estimated 10 million people behaved more peacefully on that day.  More peace, less violence is an amazing and wonderful thing!  You can learn more about the movement and the verified stats by going to this link

Certainly we all feel sadness, anger and angst when we see, hear and read about violence, injustice, discrimination, confusion and the pain and anguish people suffer through, all over the world. Wouldn’t you love to find a way to bring meaningful, positive change to everyone? Perhaps the first step is to behave peacefully for at least one day.

As individuals we can make that decision and do it, not only on September 21, but on as many days as we can.  In business and politics (although the two are linked) this can be achieved as well to profit all.  People control business and politics, but the ones at the top, the management and leaders set the agenda and direction of their enterprises, organizations and countries.  I hope I hear of leaders, big corporations to small companies and countries, doing something, anything really BIG on September 21 in honor of Peace Day.

What we can do as individuals on Peace Day could be very significant like not reacting angrily towards another person in a challenging situation.  Being kind and patient with someone, and reaching out to a person in need without expecting anything in return.  Smiling and greeting a stranger with a friendly “hello.”

I intend on doing all of the above and of course bring awareness to Peace One Day to more people by posting this article.  And I will support Burger King for at least trying to make peace with McDonalds, but more for bringing Peace One Day to my awareness by having lunch at one of their restaurants.

Please help me spread the word about “Peace One Day,” September 21 by sharing my article with your friends and business partners. 

What will you do on Peace Day? You can tell me in the comments below.

MLK peace quote

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