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Golf or Music?

Produced by nishmosa

July 27, 2015

Here is a cool post I found on from Vincent Bitetti.  I thought it would be a good share on Chatmosa....

Golf or Music?
by Vincent Bitetti

Some people golf, some people collect stamps, some people gamble - and so on. I play music for fun. I have been playing in bands my entire life. In 2010, my band opened for Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat.

The photo is myself and my oldest friend (since the 2nd grade), Doc. What do you do for fun or to blow off steam? And who do you do it with? 

I also produce bands and songwriters with music producer Barry Fasman. Because of my background, I find that I bring a unique perspective to my day job. It makes me a more creative executive and allows me to think way out of the box.

Does your life experience enhance your day to day business life? Everybody has a story and I would love to hear what yours is!

Vincent Bitetti is an entertainment and technology executive

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Does your life experience enhance your day to day business life?

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