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Positive Politics is Possible

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August 12, 2015

Positive Politics is Possible - DIY

I normally do not write about or discuss politics publicly and only express my political opinions with very close friends because I don’t like to get into heated, ugly arguments that lead to combative, negative nonsense.  I enjoy having smart, thoughtful and exchanges about politics with people who are open and respectful.  With the primary elections and party nominations coming up, trying to stay informed on all of the candidates running for President is daunting, especially in the Republican party.  Even as a Democrat, I want to know as much as I can about the Republicans running as I do the Democrats and Independents.

As many people did, I watched the Republican debate on FOX last week.  Unfortunately it was (as predicted) a wild spectacle that added to the negative atmosphere that surrounds the campaigns of these candidates. One response that seemed to be unanimous among these candidates was eliminating “Obama Care,” the Affordable Care Act.  That is a major issue for me personally and I am sure for many other people who now have access to health services that weren’t available to them before “Obama Care.”  When I lost my job at a major corporation and became a freelancer, I could not get health insurance at all, or it would have cost me more per month than my rent.  Now, thanks to the Obama administration, I  have very affordable, good health insurance, like I had when I was employed.  And, I personally know of two other friends that have “Obama Care” now and have been able to receive medical treatments that has improved their health substantially.  This is a positive effect of the Affordable Care Act that should be supported by all political contenders for President.

During the broadcast my thoughts went to an imaginary world where politics are dealt with in a positive way. (laughs) Yes, I am a dreamer, but imagine with me for a minute… I understand that “Obama Care” is not ideal for everyone and probably there are parts of the legislation that could use a few tweaks.  Instead of shouting out with a scowl and a growl, “The end to “Obama Care!,” I envision thoughtful candidates stating in a clear, detailed and educated manner the specific changes they would support as positive directives to the current system that will help more Americans get the affordable health care they need.

This kind of approach applies for all other important issues, which would make it so much easier for Americans to decide which candidate they would vote for.  I know (duh) this is sensible and not a new, ground breaking concept.

When I did a Google search on Positive Politics I found the video by Alex Zorach, “Is Politics "Divisive"? How to Have Positive Political Discussion.” The message by Alex is straight forward and simple but sincere and would be a very effective movement if citizens,  including the candidates, can get on-board.  Joining a positive politics movement may help save Americans in more ways than we could ever dream.

FYI: The political cartoon "Join or Die" is by Benjamin Franklin to urge the colonies to join together during the "Seven Years' War.

What are your thoughts and dreams?

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